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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your e-bike so cool?

Our Design department actively works with the factory managing to get an e-bike with a unique style, mixing elements from the 70´s Cafe Racers with the modern technologies at our hand; and at the same time safe and compliant with the european regulation


How do you manage to sell such affordable e-bikes?

We have worked really hard to find the best suppliers, being able to offer maximum quality materials for an affordable price and reduce the cost of the entire chain value (eg: 3PL) to deliver around the world top quality e-bikes for the best price 


Crowdfunding also contributes to lowering to prices as we reduce inventory and other expenses, knowing exactly the amount of Juana e-bikes that need to be ordered


Can I order Juana even though I do not live in Spain?

We deliver Juana anywhere in the world as long as local laws permit us to import Juana. 

NB: It is not officially legal to drive JUANA.750 on public roads in the EU. You are allowed to own it and drive it on private property. 


How much weight can Juana handle?

Juana is forged with a strong and endurable 6061 aluminum frame, handling riders of up to 150 kg / 330Lb.


Does Juana come in different sizes?

Juana has one size fits all. It is designed to easily fit everyone from 150 cm /4’9” to those over 200 cm / 6’7”. Even though the saddle is fixed, its unique design and the possibility to adjust the handlebar, allows you to ride with no constraints


How big is a Juana bike?


Once assembled, Juana has a height of 130cm with the handlebar included and a length of 180cm from end to end (with wheels included). Regarding weight, Juana reaches 25kg plus an additional 4kg from the battery

Can I remove the battery?

Most surely.  Juana´s battery is 100% removable and you can take it anywhere, leaving your Juana tied up. For extra security, it has a key so that only you can remove it. It is super simple, insert the key, turn it and the slide the battery upwards from the docking station to remove it. This allows you to charge the battery at home, office or anywhere with a plug, without having to take the whole bike. To ride your e-bike, slide the battery back in and lock it. Off you go


How much time does it take for my battery to fully charge?


A full charge time from 0 to its maximum capacity lasts for 6 hours. On the charger you will see an indicator that shows that the charge has been completed.


NB: To avoid damage to the battery, we do not recommend leaving the battery charging for a sustained period of time.


Can I still ride my Juana if the battery runs out of power?


Of course! Juana comes with 7 gear Shimano to allow you to ride it like a normal bicycle. No power? No problem


In what terrains can I ride my Juana?

Juana will be your partner in all your adventures, both by the city and the mountain. Its 20x4’ tires will make your life safer and easier, although we are not responsible for non-responsible use.


How is Juana delivered and is it easy to assemble?

Juana is delivered 95% assembled (in the absence of placing the handlebar and front wheel) , with instructions and with an assembly kit. However, we always advise to visit a bike shop to get all parts tightened and thoroughly checked to best enjoy your ride


How much does shipping cost?

The final assembly is carried out in our warehouses in Madrid, where we also carry out a final quality control. Therefore, the shipping price will vary depending on the destination country.


Currently, prices are set at € 60 for Spain, € 150 for the rest of Europe and € 250 outside Europe.


NB: Application of extra shipping costs: if you are in a “difficult to ship area”, such as remote locations, extra shipping costs may be applied. Please also note that some destinations, such as remote islands, can prove simply impossible to ship to. If you think you live in a hard-to-reach location, then please contact us before placing your order.


My bike box arrived damaged. What should i do?

If there is visible damage to your Juana box that appears to have damaged the bike and/or its other contents, please notify the courier immediately as they are held responsible for all damage caused in transit. Request documentation from them stating that you have received a box with visible damages. You will need this for insurance purposes to qualify for a replacement Juana.


I live in Spain, can I pick it up myself?

No. Juana will be shipping to individuals directly from our warehouse in Spain and is not setup for walk-in or local pickup. All Juana´s will be shipped via ground shipping (when possible) to your address we have on file.


Why is my bike spec’d with a component that differs from that listed on your site?

Juana is still in its prototype stage, so some components are subject to change if we find better, more suitable replacements. Once past this stage, we will continue to reserve the right to switch components for one’s equal or higher in value. The purpose of this is to ensure that the customer continues to get the best value bike for the price.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

All Juana e-bikes come with a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty for the battery and motor, and 1 year for the rest of the bike. Should you encounter some production related manufacturer’s defect during this time, we will take care of it according to our warranty. 


As many elements of a bike may get damaged due to normal cycling use/natural ware, we do not offer warranty on parts such as tires, disc brakes, chain, brake pads, etc. For more details, please contact our customer service department.


Where can I take my bike if I have an issue?


As it is a bicycle, any workshop near your home can make the pertinent revisions and repairs (set-up, brake maintenance, puncture repair,…). 


In the case of problems with the electronic components, we recommend going to a specialized workshop.


What is your returns policy?

There will be no need, but don't take Juana´s word for granted. We are so confident that you will love your new Juana so much, that we offer you a 14 days money back guarantee after you have received it, if you are not satisfied. However, if you decide to do so, your Juana bike must be in new and re-sellable condition. Returns shipping to our nearest regional warehouse must be covered by you.


What does my Juana include?

The price of Juana.250 (La Cubana) includes a black and White LCD display, disc brakes, Samsung battery 250w and 14.5 ah, Bafang motor of 36v and 250w, charger, 20x4’ tires, Shimano 7 gears and saddle that fits up to 2 people.


For the Juana.750 (La Loca) it  includes all the above with the difference of a Samsung battery 750w y 17.5 ah and a Bafang motor 48v y 750w. On top of that, it includes a front light and thumb throttle


What kind of accessories do you currently have or can I expect in the near future?

You will be able to find more information on our webpage, but we offer as add-ons: leather saddle, colorful LCD display, front light and thumb throttle for Juana.250 (La Cubana)  and Vee Tyres with white frame for a very affordable price. 


If in addition to the above, you would like to add any other accessory (eg Surf Rack) we will be happy to do everything in our power to achieve it.


What about spare parts? Can any bike shop assist me?

The components are fairly standard, so you can upgrade/repair/customize your bike as you wish with other parts either from us or your local bike shop.



How long can I reach with a single charge

Up to 50km / 30 miles in one  full charge. 


Even though these figures here have been tested for ourselves, there are many variable to consider that could affect the real autonomy ( passenger´s weight, terrain, weather conditions…) 


 **All MILES/KILOMETERS listed on Indiegogo are "UP TO" and not guaranteed.**


What is the maximum speed that I can reach?

To comply with the european regulation, JUANA.250´´ (La Cubana) speed is limited to 25km/h / 16 mph according to Regulation 168/2013 


For JUANA.750 (La Loca) there are no limitations and the maximum speed that can be reached is 45km/h / 28mph. 


Do I need a license to ride Juana?

EUROPE // JUANA.250 (La Cubana) is 100% legal to drive in Europe without any type of license. In the case of JUANA.750 (La Loca), it is not authorized to drive it  on public roads, however its possession and driving on private roads is legal.


USA // Both JUANA.250 (La Cubana) and JUANA.750 (La Loca) are legal for their possession and driving on public roads.


Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT/GST?

The end customer is responsible for this type of cost that may arise when the product arrives at its final destination. Please check your country's import / VAT / GST duties before purchasing.


NB: check Duties/VAT/GTS is to be paid before we can deliver your Juana. We will send payment links, invoice overview and ask for a final delivery address confirmation before we ship your Juana.


Can I test ride a Juana bike?

Yes. You can test both models without obligation at our Madrid offices. Contact us by email to schedule a test date.


Can I get a refund?

Please refer to IndieGoGo's policy here. In the event we are unable to deliver your Juana to your location due to any legal restrictions on the import or delivery of your bike, we shall refund you 75% of the amount on your Indiegogo campaign contribution. You are responsible for determining whether its legal to import, deliver, and operate the Juana at your location. Falta mas


Can I change my order?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade your product. If we are still in the campaign period, the best way is to ask for a refund is through your profile on Indiegogo where you’ll find a “refund” button. And then “back” a new perk/make the order again. If the order is locked and you are transferred to our database, we charge an additional fee on 50 € in administration fees.

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